Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bastion's 7 crew

Here are characters I developed for my creator-owned project, Bastion's 7

Ayanimeya and Co.

I created these characters last year to push more on the hipper side of the tracks, I guess you could say. haha

Personal concepts

Teen Titans Go! Interiors Issue 22

Here's a 10 page interior debut I did for Teen Titans GO!, issue 22. It came out August 28, 2005 They let me do the full artwork for the pages.

page 1 and 2

page 3 and 4

page 5 and 6

page 7 and 8

page 9 and 10

Friday, March 03, 2006

Teen Titans GO! covers

Here are more covers. :)

covers 26 and 27

covers 28 and 29

covers 30 and 31

Teen Titans Go! Covers cont'd

I started my run of covers for DC Comics, Teen Titans Go!, on Issue 16. I am still currently the cover artist. What a struggle it was for me. I really never felt pressure until I received the opportunity at the San Diego Comic Con 2004. The pressure was to mke sure it seemed interesting enough for people to want to pick up the issue. I wasn't sure how I would achieve it every month, but my bosses, Tom Palmer Jr., and Mark Chiarello had faith in me, and because of that it was my energy and inspiration; which is to not let them down.

covers 16 and 17

covers 18 and 19

covers 20 and 21

covers 22 and 23

covers 24 and 25